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"...the nail-biting excitement of a fictional boxing movie like "Raging Bull" ... both a stirring sports doc and a rich nonfiction drama ... characters who could have stepped out of a Damon Runyon story"
      -Noel Murray, Los Angeles Times

a new standard for character-driven narrative documentary… the excitement, powerful story arc, and unforgettable characters of a first-rate fiction film… the envy of any feature filmmaker
      -Charles Donelan, Santa Barbara Independent

“outstanding…. highly recommended… a beautiful and exciting documentary that you absolutely must see. Watch it with someone you love and then go out and conquer the world”
      -Ian Simmons,

“real life with cinematic beauty”
      -Cory Walsh, The Missoulian

“humane, subtle…viewers will be won over by the filmmaker’s empathy toward his subjects and the precision with which we see them rendered onscreen”
      -Andrew Plimpton,

“As exhilarating as any Hollywood knock-out…. Bull’s cinéma verité approach to the subject matter keeps the events as grounded in reality as physically possible, and by doing so the aspirations of the film’s central subjects are allowed to soar even higher. The dreams are real, the conflicts are real, the struggles and heartbreak are real”
      -Andrew Murray,

“Fast moving, totally compelling… inspires, informs and impresses. Amazing.”
      -John Delia, Aced Magazine

-Laura Hiros, Fort Worth Star-Telegram

“an astounding success… captures the emotional, physical, and psychological investment that the Gloves inspire”
      -Chris Luciantonio,

“one of the best documentaries I’ve seen in a while… felt like a narrative feature”

“the gloves are golden in CRADLE OF CHAMPIONS”
      -Roger Moore, Movie Nation

“plays like an edge-of-the-seat drama”
      -Chris Gore, Film Threat

“a great film… a film that I want to see again...and again.... Bartle Bull hasn't just made a documentary, he has made a grand narrative that mirrors the mythic tales of antiquity”
      -Steve Kopian,



-Wendy Ide, The Observer

thoughtful and engaging… touching… powerful empathy.  Makes you cheer out loud while you’re sitting in a room by yourself… Bull’s character-driven approach works above and beyond the parameters of the built-in drama… the heft of the emotion emanates from the humanity within it
            -Christina Newland, Little White Lies

universal themes through a very specific prism… very, very powerful
            -Mark Kermode, BBC Radio 5

stirring, vibrant… up there with some of the best films about the sport. Breaks your heart and then mends it just as quickly
-Dave Faulkner, Time Out (London)

moving stories
-Kate Muir, Daily Mail

Bull does a good job of sketching in the pugilistic significance of a prize that even eluded a young Cassius Clay… makes kinetic use of the camera to capture the brutal action in the ring
            -David Parkinson, Radio Times

            -David Porter, The Sunday Times

robustly made… about New York and the way it sees itself: tough, big-hearted, assimilated and patriotic
-Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian